Baikal Treasure

Anton Petrus tells: “Baikal is an amazing place. In summer it is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists who come to enjoy fresh omul and test themselves with cold water. But you should go to Great Baikal in winter. And a point. In winter it is the most amazing place. A huge ice crystal in rimmed steep banks and cliffs.

Havana in Cuba

About 4 million people live in Havana, the capital of Cuba, which is almost 20% of the total population of Cuba. November 16, the city will celebrate its 490th anniversary - it was founded by the Spaniards in 1519. Havana is also the main location of the public sector of the country's economy, which has been increasingly shaken in recent years.

The brightest fans we found on Instagram

FIFA World Cup leaves little to indifferent. Someone is sick in front of the TV, someone is flying to Brazil - to support your favorite team at the stadium. And someone does just incredible things - she is dressed, dressed up in crazy costumes and ready for the most drastic measures to support her team!

What were the girls in the USSR

In an era when the world is ruled by photoshop and the entire Internet is flooded with photos of incredible beauties of varying degrees of nakedness, we gradually begin to forget what natural, ordinary, truly beautiful girls look like. But they are and always have been. One has only to look at the photos of young women of the Soviet Union, students, athletes and Komsomol, and immediately begin to feel proud of how charming our mothers and grandmothers were.

Rare photos of everyday life on Sakhalin of the late XIX - early XX century

Sakhalin - the largest island of Russia in the Pacific. The population of the island according to 2010 is about 493 thousand people. Mostly ethnic Russians live on Sakhalin, as well as a small Korean community and indigenous people - Ainu, Orok and Nivkhi. Until the middle of the XIX century, Sakhalin was mainly under Chinese influence, but by the end of the century the island was divided between the Russian Empire and Japan.

Beautiful and practical sofa from the online store

Decoration of any interior can be a beautiful sofa. It will be not only a stylish addition, but also a functional element. To choose the right sofa in the living room, you need to consider the size of your room and the design features of the sofa itself. First of all, you need to evaluate which sofa will suit you in the living room by the following parameters: type of construction; number of seats; the presence and type of transformation mechanism; upholstery material.

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Station Marina Grove (a month before the opening)

The Maryina Roshcha station should open on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line on May 15, 2010. Now, the station is facing the pylons and walls, collecting mosaics, installing escalators. Let's see how the station looks a month before the opening (25 photos in total) Source: Zhurnal / d0cent 1. Almost assembled mosaic panel.

China: World Factory

Last year, China bypassed Japan and ranked second in the world in terms of GDP. Now it remains to bypass only the States, but this is just a matter of time (perhaps China will take the first position in 10-15 years). The combination of cheap labor and the point of view "it is necessary - it means I will do it" turned China from a country primarily agrarian into a world factory.

Big Indian Journey: Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a city in India, in the extreme north of West Bengal, in the eastern Himalayas (at an altitude of about 2'185 m). Built by the British, as a colonial hill station. The city is famous for its narrow-gauge mountain railway, opened in 1881 and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

China has opened a bookstore of the future with fantastic design

The future has come. Such a thought comes when looking at the fantastic interiors of a new bookstore in the Chinese city of Suzhou. Here you will find the Firefly Cave and the bright Rainbow Hall. The local design is even more fantastic than the plots sold in the store books. (Total 13 photos) The premises are divided into four zones, decorated in different styles.

Expedition "Cross the Volga": back to basics to find the right path

From the main campaign of this summer you are separated only by one inspiring text and time to collect a backpack. This is a short, but the most rich in impressions journey can be realized for one weekend, and you can paint for a week. The points of the route include places where you will definitely take epic pictures, get a lot of impressions and have a rest from civilization.

Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Muhek

London sculptor Ron Mueke, who previously created models and dolls for children's television programs and films, has been involved in hyperrealistic sculptures since 1996. Using rubber, fiberglass, silicone and many other materials, he creates figures of people, experimenting with scales to a large extent. Details of these sculptures fascinate close, because in the end they may be much more or less than expected.

How to build southern homes in the US?

“I recently wrote a post about how a sleeping area is arranged. Many readers asked the same question - how are houses built in residential areas? Let's start a conversation about the technology of building houses in Houston, about how it all begins, how the district is ennobled, how houses are built and what materials are used for this.

Donald Trump's favorite food and other powerful people in Dan Bunnino's photo project

Dan Bunnino is a talented Italian photographer, art director and artist who lives and works in Turin. Dan likes to transform ideas into images, and his photos are capable of telling the whole story. Bunnino takes art photos, photographs still lifes, food and portraits. The photo project Power and Food (“Power and Food”) is a kind of studio report exploring the eating habits of powerful and influential people, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and others.

8 most dangerous places to live on Earth

There are so dangerous places in the world that it is even hard to believe that someone is ready to live there and fight nature every day. Here are 8 of the most extreme places on the planet that require endurance, resourcefulness and remarkable skills for survival. (Total 8 photos) Source: 1. Cold Pole: Verkhoyansk, Russia In the cold taiga, at a distance of 4800 km east of Moscow, in the depths of Siberia, lies the city of Verkhoyansk.

Mystic news in 2015

Such a genre of films as a mystic has always attracted people who love bright emotions. Yes, this genre has always been able to cool the soul, which is why it is popular and very popular. If you decide that you have the desire to watch a film that will contain mystical elements, then you should be ready for the full feeling that supernatural forces exist, choose the appropriate film, http: // films will help you.

Wonders of nature

Surprised by the various phenomena of nature, we call them a miracle. This word most precisely expresses our admiration for the incomprehensible harmony, strength and beauty of the surrounding world. The non-profit foundation New7Wonders (new 7 wonders of the world) has launched a new global campaign, this time - these are 7 natural wonders of the world.

A bit about Sydney

Sydney is one of the most attractive cities on Earth. He absorbed the energy and rhythm of life of other world megacities, received the status of one of the main financial centers of the planet, but at the same time remained completely unique. The secret of Sydney’s attraction lies in the magnificent coastline, bordered by beautiful palm trees and brilliant yachts on quiet and numerous beaches.