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Cruel dolphin killings continue in Japan

Despite numerous protests of the world community, in Japan the bloody catch of dolphins is considered to be an absolutely normal and legitimate business, which also brings a lot of money. See also the issue - The most amazing facts about dolphins, Sea of ​​blood on the Faroe Islands (11 photos in total) 1. Dolphin hunting season opens from October to April in western Japan.

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The most beautiful cherry blossoms around the world

While we are looking forward to the arrival of spring, in Japan, they are already enjoying one of its main symbols - the flowering of the magic pink trees of the Japanese cherry or sakura. Starting in mid-March, the Internet is filled with stunning photographs of all shades of pink, flowering parks and streets in various cities of Japan.

Master at work: Stanley Kubrick. Part 1 (1950-1960)

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 - March 7, 1999) is an American film director, screenwriter, editor, cameraman and producer, one of the most iconic and innovative filmmakers in history. Stanley was born in New York in a family of immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His father taught him how to play chess, with which he was obsessed with his whole life.

Escaped female circumcision

Today, more than 125 million girls and women who are female circumcised live in the world. Clitorectomy is the custom of removing parts of the female genital according to cultural or traditional considerations. Female circumcision is considered a crime against human rights and a serious violation of the sexual independence of women.

Training rat sappers in Tanzania and Mozambique

The training of rat sappers began in Tanzania and Mozambique: now these territories will be cleared of mines with the help of small bloodhound rodents. (13 photos in total) 1. The little rat on a tiny leash continuously sniffs everything around in the Tanzanian field, where the Dutch non-governmental organization APOP teaches him how to find mines.

This Soviet sanatorium in Kolyma!

The most nimble sanatoriums after the collapse of the USSR made a renovation and changed their name to the spa & welness resort, some died from lack of budget funding, well, a few fell into oblivion and retained that amazing flavor of the classic Soviet sanatorium where I went in my childhood with my parents.

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Stroller-longboard amuse both children and parents!

Given the growing popularity of longboards, it was only a matter of time. European manufacturer of baby strollers Quinny has created a longboard with a pushchair attached to it. The design was developed for two years, and finally the creation was shown to the public. Attention, the child is recommended to wear a helmet! The longboard carriage was approved only by European safety standards and is currently available only in the EU.

How not to waste your time on nonsense and free it for careers and pleasures

We are sure that most people today suffer from the syndrome of domestic gathering (you probably also suffer). You will not hear such a phrase from any psychologist in the world, because this is a new and unexplored phenomenon. Household gathering is the desire to save, postpone, save everything that we by and large do not need: do not sell old furniture, put clothes in clothes that we don’t wear, spend a whole day cleaning an apartment or have our own car.

Omo Valley people

Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth due to the wide variety of people and animals living here. It is located in the Great Rift Valley of Africa. The region is known for its culture and diversity. The tribes living in the lower valley of the Omo River are considered among the most amazing in Africa and in the world at large.

You give me a hairstyle, and I give you a fish for lunch: how a thousand people get along on an island the size of a football field

Santa Cruz del Istole is considered one of the most densely populated islands in the world. Formally, this is part of Colombia, but, despite the rare contact of residents with the outside world, in reality, the island is cut off from the world (with the exception of tourists). The island seems to have been taken from the pages of Gabriel García Márquez: 18 families live in 97 houses, a thousand people get along on a plot of land the size of a football field.

Fashion from Lady Gaga

The 23-year-old American singer Lady Gaga (growing up Zhanna Aguzarova) has repeatedly amazed, amazed and shocked the press and fans with her outfits. It seems that there is no limit to the unbridled disco-diva fantasy. Thanks to her bright, extraordinary images, Lady Gaga has already fallen into more than one women's magazine. (23 photos in total) 1.


Today, along with sasha-litmanen, we will walk along Perm, a wonderful city that is not only the cultural capital, but also a home for "real kids." (Only 39 photos) 1. 2. Coming out of the Perm station, a conversation immediately occurred with the local drunk gopota on the subject of “is there a smoke?”, So there were no more questions to smoke.

Artist Alexey Klokov - more than a name!

In the modern world, in addition to creative delights, every artist who receives recognition becomes more than just an author. It represents the whole "production", whose name becomes a brand, directly dependent on its creative activity. It is the brand that determines the value of copyright works and incorporates several components - the uniqueness of the works themselves, loyalty to the profession, the quantity and quality of exhibitions held, involvement in well-known collections, and representation in the art environment.

Insects in the role of doctors

In many people, insects are much more often associated not with treatment, but with the spread of the disease. Everyone knows that flies spread a variety of infections, that cockroaches and ants who settled in their homes should be ruthlessly corroded, and that anopheles mosquitoes kill almost 3 million people every year. (10 photos in total) 1.

Who is this - a magic fox or is it a dog?

All dogs for their owners are special in their own way and, of course, endlessly expensive and loved. All owners consider their pets the most intelligent, educated and beautiful, so it is not surprising that many happily share their photos in social networks. But there are also such dogs from which you really can not take your eyes off, they are so amazing.

Singapore Street Food Merchant Got Michelin Star

Not every beautiful and expensive restaurant, which serves delicious dishes, claims to get into the famous "Red Michelin Guide", the most famous and influential of restaurant ratings. Just imagine how surprised Chan Hong Meng, a Singaporean street food restaurant Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, was when he was awarded a Michelin star.

Under the roof of your house: with such a trailer you do not want to go home

If you ever dreamed of throwing everything, getting into the car and exploring the whole world, traveling on wheels, then this convenient and compact trailer is the answer to your prayers. Lithuanian company Tinycamper has created the perfect way to travel and live in comfort, almost like at home. The Tearcuby trailer can sleep up to 4 family members (2 adults and 2 children) - a king-size bed, a table and a well thought-out place for cooking are provided.